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The Layout Company (TLC) operates under the direction of Christian Salerno, dedicated solely to the design, production and distribution of gaming table layouts to the casino industry. With more than eight years as the Director of Production and Layout Sales at Casino Graphix and now as the Director of Operations at TLC, Christian and his production staff have been and are currently providing layouts to a multitude of gaming properties throughout the United States.

The current list of properties includes Harrah’s WSOP, The Orleans, Commerce Casino, Hollywood Park, Hawaiian Gardens, Hustler Casino and many more too numerous to mention.

TLC is one of a handful of companies that digitaly print both Polyester and Nylon layouts, and is the only company licensed to offer, fabricate, and install the Staple-less Layout System, a patented system that allows for the fastening of layouts to gaming tables without the use of staples. Once installed, the casino will have the ability to remove, clean repair and reinstall layouts in a matter of minutes.

TLC’s Staple-less Nylon layouts are, without exception in conjunction with TLC’s comprehensive clean and repair program, the longest lasting and most durable layouts on the market today. Our unique fabric construction will allow for the optimal movement of both paper and plastic cards, one of the most desired characteristics considered in the selection of a layout. Nylon, throughout the years, has proven to be one of the most durable and abrasion resistive fabrics ever produced. TLC and its predecessor, Casino Graphix have been producing Nylon layouts for the past 20 years and TLC is currently the only company in existence offering an eight month " Will Not Go White” guarantee with all nylon layouts.

In addition to nylon, TLC offers a complete line of Polyester layouts at exceptionally attractive pricing with Blackjack and Carnival Game Layouts starting as low as $68.75.

The Layout Company is located at 570 W. Cheyenne Avenue, Suite 130, North Las Vegas, NV. 89030 in a new 7500 square foot facility with a production capability in excess of 250 layouts per day.




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